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BT Wholehome-96K wifi discs - change of ISP

My network includes 3 BT White Wholehome  discs. I have changed my ISP to Sky Broadband and I reset the discs to factory settings but not able to reset discs to new provider. Using a wifi analyser it shows a signal from Sky and a signal that is "BT WholeHome". From this I am not sure whether the discs are extending my wifi signal. On my devices the "BT Wholehome-96K" comes up as a network but obviously I have no Password to enter and only Sky providing an internet supply. Should I reset the discs to the new ISP with it's Password and if so how do I do this ? Or am I getting a Sky signal boost through the discs?

Harry B

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Re: BT Wholehome-96K wifi discs - change of ISP

Hi Applehaigh,

The BT Whole Home Wi-Fi discs will replace your SKY Wi-Fi, not boost it.   It's recommended to turn-off the Wi-Fi on the Router once the BT WHW has been setup.

Once you've connected the 1st BT Disc to the SKY router (via Ethernet) and completed the setup via the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi App, you will then use the Network SSID and Password from the BT WHW Discs (and not the SKY router).




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