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BT box office /sky Q

I have a Sky / BT sport question if anyone can help….

I don’t have BT sports, but have bought an event on BT Sports Box office.

I set up an account and paid via credit card, which you apparently need to do for the first time only. After which it can be booked vis your handset.

The event now says ‘rented’ when I go to the sky box office section, but when I press the ‘record’ button to set it up to record, it just says ‘checking purchasing information’ and then just goes back to the page where it tells me i have rented it.

Ie. Every time I press record, it just goes back to the ‘buy’ screen.

Am I not able to set it up to record?

Can anyone help with this at all?


Thank you x

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Re: BT box office /sky Q

Hi, @AlexBr welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I found this answer on the FAQ's



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Re: BT box office /sky Q

Thank you so much. 
How odd 

I have bought before via my remote, but this time it wouldn’t let me and made me do it via the website. So I did that, assuming that it would all be the same.

Annoying. Many thanks for letting me know. 
I will give them a call tomorrow when they open 👍

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Re: BT box office /sky Q

@AlexBr No problem, those FAQ's also say that the event is automatically recorded if you have Sky Q but I'm not sure if that's the case if you bought it on the website.