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BT hybrid connect


I'm currently trouble shooting a BT hybrid connect setup, this was working fine for about 1 week but has recently just died suddenly.

This is a new property with no phone line fitted yet.

The lights on the hybrid connect are white signal bars which I believe is correct for using mobile data, but the center light is a solid white, I can't find any information for a solid center light on the hybrid connect, does anyone know what that means ?

I assume there is no need to pay for mobile data for the hybrid connect i.e. it's part of the package / included as part of the overall broadband charge ?





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Re: BT hybrid connect

Hi Dubstep

Your not the first to see this happen

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I have this issue since a couple of days ago, hybrid connect was fine when first connected and then about Saturday/Sunday, stopped not working, all manner of checks done and still a flashing purple light on the router (which i assume is the same for you?) and as you describe the lights on the hybrid connect box are white. In the settings of my smart hub 2 it says that the 4G assure is actually connected and signal is good, but its like the router is refusing to acknowledge the 4g connection.

The strange thing is I have a separate 4G assure (the old version of Hybrid connect that is almost the same) and it works fine. 

You are correct in assuming that you don't pay for the data, its unlimited in case of loss of the bb through the phone line, or to provide you service before activation date. 

I have replied to a few posts on here, with no resolution yet, called a couple of times and on Sunday was told that there are a few people affected, as you can see on the posts above, so i am thinking that they might be trying to find a resolution at the moment maybe some kind of firmware update? I would still recommend calling in to tech support though, as the more people that report the issue, the more cases they can see to **bleep** the severity of the issue. My phone line broadband went live yesterday which is great, but if that goes down in the future, then I wont have the hybrid connect to fall back on, so my goal is to make sure that it works before I just use my phone line broadband as normal (dont want to be paying for a hybrid connect that wont work after all)


Good luck! 



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Re: BT hybrid connect

Thanks that helps, yes it feels like it could be a firmware issue, it's not my setup I'm just been helping out, did a factory reset of everything last night, still no internet, I'm not at the property so it's a little tricky to trouble shoot over the phone.

For users that rely purely on the 4G modem / hybrid connect they are pretty much stuffed now if it's a firmware issue because there's no way they can get back on the internet to pick up new firmware. If BT provided a link to updated firmware that fixed the issue then that would be useful but that seems too logical and helpful for BT.

I don't know anyone  one the EE network to check if the issue might be external, at least I know now it's pointless trying to trouble shoot any further, if the problem is firmware or external there's nothing I or anyone outside of BT can do, it's over to BT to sort out.