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Re: BT-ready Flat

If it was that simple I wouldn't need an engineer would I? Do you stop to think before you type? I connected all the cables and the smart hub 2 is still red. 

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Re: BT-ready Flat

I haven't got a crystal ball, nowhere did you say you had connected the cables and the status of the hub!!

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Re: BT-ready Flat

Haha, no worries mate! Hopefully I'll get it all sorted. They said they'll do some tests on the line and if it doesn't get resolved they'll send an engineer out. 

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Re: BT-ready Flat

What lights are lit on the ONT ?, the Power and PON lights should be solid green, if the red LOS ( loss of signal ) light is lit or the PON light flashing green then there is an issue.

If there is already a pre provided Ethernet cable in the ONT , simply connect the other end to the appropriate router port.

If the PON is steady green, then connecting an Ethernet cable between the ONT and router ( WAN ) port is all that is necessary at the customer end, if it doesn’t work , then either your ISP or Openreach need to do something remotely, not at your property