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BT record of my security questions are suspect.

A day or so ago I lost the ability to access my Emails. After a lot of digging I discovered that it was BT who discovered some dodgy dealings on my account so they blocked whatever it is allows one to access Emails. After a lot of digging I found that there is a way to deal with that problem on a BT document headed, "Secure your account" 

Secure your account

We've protected your account for your security

We'll take you through what to do next.

We've detected some suspicious activity on your email account

We have strong reason to believe that your email account and password are no longer secure, so we've taken immediate action to protect your account. As a precaution, we've suspended access to your BT ID and all email addresses linked to it.

Find out how your email security might have been breached.

Important steps before you recover your account

We strongly advise you update your virus protection and run a full anti-virus scan on any device you use to connect to the internet. If you don't do this, any updates you make could be lost.

Step 1 of 4: Confirm it's you

We need to send you a four digit code - we'll use it to confirm who you are.

Send an email tob*m*3*1*v*1*b*i*t*r*e*.*o*

Send an email tob*m*3*1*v*1*b*i*t*r*e*.*o*

Send a text to078509***23

Send a text to078509***23

I won't show the rest but suffice to say one is offered a series of security questions to answer the first for me was, "What was the first car you owned" I can remember that car as well as I remember my Army number but BT said my answer was wrong and there was no way to argue with the answer.

I then tried the impossible task of Complaining and whatever I did got no where and I finished up on the telephone talking to a wonderful kind man who concluded our discussion by telling me he would be writing to me with a security number that I could use when I telephone him upon which I would be given a Pin number to help me get my access to my Emails.

I am not complaining about such service  from that man but I am complaining about a system that appears to not work especially the BT complaints system.  


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Re: BT record of my security questions are suspect.

How do I ask BT about my security questions?
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Re: BT record of my security questions are suspect.


Depends what you need to ask them.

More info about security questions is available here:


Kind Regards
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