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BT service

I moved home on the 1/12/21. 
BT came to connect my phone, TV and Broadband. Without going into detail they could not connect because there was a cable fault underground that needed fixed. On the 3/12/21 BT move department said they would call me on Wednesday 8Th December at 2.30 and give me a update. Never received a call back I contacted them who said I would get a call back 9/12   for a update  between 2/4 pm as problem was going to be fixed on the 9/12 never got a call back so I rang again . Was told further update  on the 15/12 and I will be contacted with update. 
been with BT for 30years and every time I have dealings with them it never goes right. 
would appreciate some help.





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Re: BT service

Hi @JimboAlfie,

I am so sorry about the lack of information since your order has been delayed. Moving home is one of the most stressful times of your life without anything else going wrong.

I'd like to get this looked into for you so we can tell you what's happening and what we are doing to help. I am sending you a private message with some information that I need. After you reply, one of my team will be in touch within a couple of days.


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