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Bad Review - Please dont use BT

Oh dear, such a dissapointment from a big company.....

If you dont mind waiting a few months for your internet to be connected, or if you dont mind promises being broken, then this is the company for you! 

Me and my partner had broadband and landline with our previous property and the service was good. So therefore when we moved house we didnt think twice about coming back.

2 weeks before we moved into our new home we called BT to get an activation date. They gave us the date and the engineer did come us however he had some techincal issues and couldnt set up up that day. We explained we are currently both working from home and asked what the best thing would be to do. The enginneer advised he needed to get an open reach engineer to come out and he could get one to come out fairly shortly. He advised he would arrange this.

We called BT ourselves to make sure that this was arranged and to no surprise it wasnt, we got put through to the complaints team where she booked an enginner to come out today (2 weeks after we was supposed to be set up) I booked a day off work and have waited in and no engineer has come.

I called BT again and they advised that an engineer had not been booked out to come to the property at all. Again another promise has been broken! 


We have since been to Vodafone and they are offering a fantastic service at a fraction of the price.


So if your thinking of using BT I would really think about it before you do....

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