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Best soundbar for bt pro TV box

I have a new bt pro box and am looking for a decent soundbar to connect to it could anyone recommend a soundbar with decent sound that the bt pro box can control via CEC and does not break the bank to buy. I don't need a woofer for the sound bar.

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Re: Best soundbar for bt pro TV box

@Rothdude  HiRothdude, I would hold back from investing in a soundbar for the moment. Myself and others have been experiencing issues with the surround sound / Dobly feature and are waiting for a software fix. You'll be v disappointed with the sound  if you get one before the fix. Insomuch as the surround sound only works when the pgm is actually sending 5.1 or Dolby sound, if it isnt the sound is dreadful. I have to switch between stereo / surround manually depending on source. Not ideal.

For info here:

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