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Broaband speed requirements for BT TV

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Hi There

I have an existing broadband line from BT, tested yesterday the download was 27mbs. My question is will this be plenty for the TV package. If we take a worse case scenario where I have taken the optional HD package. My wife is watching one channel and recording two more, at least two are HD, whilst I am using the PC to browse the web. Will all that work on a 27mps circuit? BT's own online info told me 27mps was enough to download HD content, but here there would be 2 x HD, 1 x SD, plus browsing. This scenario occurs several times a week on my Virgin Media. (OK, the browsing would be on the BT circuit.) I would be very interested for an opinion from someone with a bit more broadband knowledge.

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Re: Broaband speed requirements for BT TV

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SD requires a minimum of 3Mb/s, HD a minimum of 5Mbs and the recommended for UHD is 44Mb/s

So in order to record two HD channels whilst watching an on-demand programme using one of the apps in SD would require a minimum of 13 Mb/s. see the following link for more detail