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Broadband Speed Comparison

Should the speed results as per BTW performance tester equal Smart hub 2 manager and the BT broadband availability checker.

My speed is 144.16 Mbps 48.39 down Mbps up (performance tester).  329.185 Mbps down, 49.3 Mbps up smarthub 2.  330 Mbps down 50Mbps up.

My speed guarantee is 150 Mbps.

my package is Fibre 2 with Halo 2 and complete wi fi. Download speed is shown as 270 to 286 Mbps.

To date I have checked speeds at the line box/lead in, done quiet line test - OK, Openreach came out to check - OK. I had a replacement home hub - no improvement.

I would post relevant info, but I am over the limit on One Drive and cant save anything.

My thoughts are that there must be a procedure to reset the download speed to what it should be.

When I have reported it to BT its pot luck whether anyone understands the problem or knows how to solve it !

Do any forum members have any ideas.


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Re: Broadband Speed Comparison

Not quite clear what you mean
Need to know exactly how you are testing
Really, ethernet cable to the hub and an ethernet port on your PC that is capable of achieving the speed (ie not USB < 3.0 for a 1gig line)

Make sure nothing else is using the internet (turn off wireless maybe)

Might be worth downloading speedtest.

Another way for VDSL/G.Fast is to look at the wholesale checker and it shows you the observed speed it has seen as a reference.



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Re: Broadband Speed Comparison

speed quoted by BT are connection speed to your router/hub not download/throughput speeds .  This is clarified in the T&C

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Re: Broadband Speed Comparison

Having no space on your One Drive is immaterial as you can upload any screenshots directly here using the camera icon.

2021-02-09 18_38_22-Reply to Message - BT Community – Mozilla Firefox.png

Run a speed test here and post the result. 

Post your connection stats from the hub. Advanced settings/technical log/information.

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Re: Broadband Speed Comparison


I test using cat5e cable or cords connected to test socket at the line lead in. Line cord from test socket to Home Hub, Cat5e cord from home hub to my lap top. Nothing else connected and I get the results as in my original post.

My lap top is running Windows 10 purchased about 6 months ago.

Please explain what you mean by  an ethernet port capable of achieving the speed for a 1gig line.

As with all the pc's I've had you only get one ethernet port.


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Re: Broadband Speed Comparison


Understood , but how do I get my connexion speed corrected.

Years ago when I worked at BT there was always someone with exchange knowledge who could solve a fault !


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Re: Broadband Speed Comparison

If you post the info requested someone will be able to check & see if there is a speed issue & give advice from there, what you've posted so far isn't enough to prove any issues.

Also if I reading the first post correctly is your router syncing at 329.185 Mbps down? If so there's no issues then

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Re: Broadband Speed Comparison

Some laptops without an ethernet port you use a USB adapter and if you dont use USB 3.0 you cant get speeds high enough.


"My speed is 144.16 Mbps 48.39 down Mbps up (performance tester)!. This is when you test it on your PC ?

"329.185 Mbps down, 49.3 Mbps up smarthub 2". Is this from the web page on the smart hub ?

"330 Mbps down 50Mbps up". Whats this one ?

What does the wholesale observed speed say ? and what "up to" speed are you paying for ?

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Re: Broadband Speed Comparison

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Re: Broadband Speed Comparison

Err ?

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