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Broadband Speed Reduction Peak Times

Good Morning,

Is it normal practice for the BT Exchange to reduce the broadband speed during peak times. I have had huge problems with my broadband speed over the last couple of months which has only just been resolved. However, during the hours of 6 PM and 9PM my download speeds have been reduced significantly. Using the BT app my broadband speed last night was showing only 13Mbs where normally it would be around the 58Mbs limit.  Since the hours of 6PM to 9PM is when I use the internet the most these speeds are not acceptable. I read on one of the forums that the exchange will at times put you a lower bandwidth during peak times. Appreciate any help before I make the call through to BT customer service.

I obtained this from the BT Wholesale Broadband checker.

Broadband Availability Checker.png

Many thanks

Paul Harrison

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Re: Broadband Speed Reduction Peak Times

Please canyou delete your phone number from checker results as this a public forum and you may get scam calls. Leave exchange and cab

are you testing download speed using wirelessinstead of required Ethernet connection

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Re: Broadband Speed Reduction Peak Times

It is not a deliberate slowing, it is congestion. If everybody turns their taps on all at once, the water pressure drops.

BTwholesale will be alerted to the problem by their monitoring devices and will be taking steps to increase capacity. Depending on what is required to add capacity, it may not be very quick to happen.

If your sync speed remains constant but download speed reduces then that is a classic sign of congestion.

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Re: Broadband Speed Reduction Peak Times

Many thanks for the reply.  The android app uses Wi-Fi for speed test. I was told to use this by Customer support. So how do you test with ethernet connection?

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Re: Broadband Speed Reduction Peak Times

Many thanks for the reply. I understand that there will be times when congestion will occur but it has only become a problem since an exchange upgrade a few months ago. Previously I noticed no significant download speed reduction prior to the upgrade. I have been more than happy with the serivce that I have had over the last 20 years but it maybe time to switch providers. Thankyou for taking the time to reply.
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