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Broadband connection

Hi all

im currently a BT customer but am in the process of moving house to a more rural area.

the house im buying is two semi detached houses that I’m knocking through to one large house. (Former coach house) one side is 3bedroom and is the primary address and the other side is a 2 bedroom annex which was let out by the owner of the primary side

The larger primary address hasn’t been occupied for several years and is showing maximum speed of 3mbps whereas the smaller annex side has been occupied until recently is showing full super fast broadband up too 900mbps. All neighbouring houses and all properties in the postcode have super fast 900mbps.

the property search done by the solicitors came back as having 3mbps as it was done on the primary address so I’m a little concerned at potentially having a very poor internet speed.

I know that the internet has recently improved in the area so is it possible that the speed is actually 900 and that the only reason the main residence is showing slower is because it wasn’t occupied when the change was carried out and so wasn’t connected?


as long as the annex side is on super fast it fine because I’ll just run a cable through the wall but just confused at how every other house in the post code is on superfast whilst this appears to be on superslow! 

thanks in advance 


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