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Re: Internet going off 2-3 times a week at the same time

hi and thanks for your message... i do not have it on wifi, my ps5 is hard wired and the hub is free of any clutter on or around it, the only item i use on wifi is my phone 



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Re: Broadband STILL cutting out again every few days

apologies, is this correct?


Product code:Smart Hub 2


Serial number:+091298+1834000444


Firmware version:v0.26.04.04227-BT


Firmware updated:Thu May 20 13:41:35 2021


Board version:R01


GUI version:1.74 12_11_2020


DSL uptime:0 days,19 Hours11 Mins40 Secs


Data rate:19.999 Mbps / 79.999 Mbps


Maximum data rate:35.734 Mbps / 105.325 Mbps


Full Fibre (FTTP) Mode:Off


Noise margin:23.3 / 12.1


Line attenuation:7.9 / 9.8


Signal attenuation:7.9 / 11.0


VLAN id:101


Upstream error control:Off


Downstream error control:Off


Data sent / received:1.0 GB Uploaded / 3.8 GB Downloaded




BT Wi-fi:Activated


2.4 GHz wireless network name:BT-Paul


2.4 GHz wireless channel:Smart (Channel11)


5 GHz wireless network name:BT-Paul


5 GHz wireless channel:Smart (Channel36)


Wireless security:WPA2 (Recommended)


Wireless mode:Mode 2




MAC address:4C:1B:86:87:AA:6C


Software variant:-


Boot loader:0.1.7-BT (Thu Nov 30 09:45:22 2017
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Re: Broadband STILL cutting out again every few days

If the problem is REIN/SHINE , then it’s not necessarily anything in your home switching on or off , but could be an ‘event’ in a neighbour home or even the neighbourhood , there was a story of an entire village in Wales affected by one residents faulty TV knocking out broadband.
As far as your threat to move supplier , if the issue is of this nature , then switching provider won’t make a difference
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Re: Broadband STILL cutting out again every few days

I don't understand that if this is the issue then why would it do it for weeks and weeks only then to stop for about 6 or so weeks only to start doing it again. If it was something my neighbor was doing then would that not just do it all the time? 

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Re: Broadband STILL cutting out again every few days

The cause of this is usually faulty electrical equipment turning off or on, and so its probably not unusual that it may not happen for weeks and then comes back ( perhaps the owner of the faulty device went away for a few weeks, or it’s something like a central heating pump and the period when no interruptions coincided with good weather ) , the possibility’s are almost endless and that makes tracking down a source of this type of interference difficult to locate.

If it’s not a REIN/ SHINE problem,  then a different router may be need  ( to eliminate that as the issue ) and possibly a lift and shift onto a different port in the VDSL cabinet if that hasn’t already been tried.

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Re: Broadband STILL cutting out again every few days

I kinda agree with Pavlos. I opened a second complain in March because the line was dropping in the evening at least a couple of time in a week and I had that issue until mid April probably. Then I haven't experienced any issue in May, but few days ago I had another drop. I was told by BT that they can't do anything considering that it can be some electric fault somewhere, but it looks like people have the drop around the same time. No idea if Pavlos lives in Cambridge, but if it's not how does BT explain this? Then I must say that I never experienced any drop when I was with virgin, it was a different house, but pretty much same devices connected to the electric network. 

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Re: Broadband STILL cutting out again every few days

I can try a different port and cable ... It does it at the same time every time and also in blocks of 5 days .... It will go off at 22:50 and then 5 days will pass and on the 5th day it will go at 22:50 and so on and so on .... That means the next time it is due to go off is Wednesday 9th of June.... Right when I will be in a destiny raid again but maybe a new port/cable will do something ... Where I live is a lot of old people and by that time everyone is in bed... When 22:50 hits and it goes down I have always checked round my house and nothing has gone on or off and I go out side and my neighborhood is pretty much in darkness as everyone has gone to sleep.

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Re: Broadband STILL cutting out again every few days

it seems to have slightly shifted times and day patterns but i have had 2 more since


10th june 22:25
20th june 22:15


both during times i have been raiding in destiny 2.... still hugely frustrating for me and my team

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Re: Broadband cutting out again ever few day

till on a 5 day cycle ...

i have a brand new BT hub 2 so its not a faulty hub


my last outages were 

25th june 22:26
30th June 22:46 (tonight with new hub)

what do i do from here? nothing i try is working?

i can not have this keep happening, its not anything my neighbours are doing, ive spoken to most of them and that also doesn't explain why it was randomly fine for a 4-6 week period.


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