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Broadband delay and Reward Card

Hi Neil,

My daughter has been sent a text with a link to click to claim her reward card, but could you confirm that this is standard practice as there are so many scams about?

Also, her activation date was yesterday but the broadband is still not working.  She has 'phoned customer services twice today, the first time they said that the order had not been completed at the BT end (despite her receiving her Smarthub over the weekend) and that she might have to place another order. Now they have said it is down to a 'capacity' issue which makes no sense to me as the previous tenants in her flat used BT and she is in a town centre location.  She's being told that the earliest that OpenReach can look at it is 29th Dec, but this is a shocking way to treat a new customer - so how can we get this resolved??!

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Re: Broadband delay and Reward Card

Hi @andyb10,

Thank you for posting. I'm sorry if your daughter's broadband activation has been delayed.

With regards to the BT Reward Card, it is standard practice for BT to send an email or text message to remind new customers to claim their BT Reward Card.

If you're worried that text message isn't genuine you can get your daughter to claim the Reward Card through the link - 

With regards to the delay, if there is a capacity issue, this can happen for a number of different reasons. Faulty ports at the cabinet as well as if there is a waiting list. 

If you enter her details on the Broadband Availability Checker what does it say?




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Re: Broadband delay and Reward Card

It does not matter if the previous tennant had FTTC. at the cab became available to the next in line for the service.

If you use her telephone number in the BTDSLChecker (or address if number not recognised) it will tell you if there is a waiting list.

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Re: Broadband delay and Reward Card

Hi @PaddyB @pippincp 

Thanks for the confirmation on the reward card and the link.

Broadband checker states that FTTC is available.

Forgive my ignorance, but the order was placed nearly a month ago, the Smarthub has arrived and she was given an activiation date for 20/12, i.e. plenty of notice for BT to have the service ready and waiting and she will be expected to pay for it from day 1.

Why isn't service working when expected?  This is extremely inconvenient when we are recommended to work at home.  She is being sent a 4G hub out, but does this give same service as Wifi, and what does she do in the mean time?  Does BT offer compensation for the lack of service and inconvenience contacting for details over past 2 days??

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Re: Broadband delay and Reward Card

Hi @andyb10,

I can understand your frustration and I'm sorry the activation didn't go as planned. BT does provide  Automatic Compensation when an order is delayed.

The service is only activated on the activation date. This means if there is an issue at the cabinet they might only be discovered on the day the service is due to be activated. 

If you send me the details, I can take a look at what is happening with the order. 

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to contact the team.  You can access your messages via the envelope icon at the top right of the screen, or click on this link, Private messages



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Re: Broadband delay and Reward Card


She is being sent a 4G hub out, but does this give same service as Wifi, and what does she do in the mean time?  


While your daughter's problem is being sorted, once she has the 4G hub, she will be able to go online without any problem.

During our prolonged home move, I was given a 4G hub. It works a treat - two TVs, two iPads, two iPhones and a desktop all worked nicely without any problem. In addition streaming and Skyping were brilliant.

Of course, this depends upon the 4G availability but since your daughter seems to be located in well populated area, it ought to be quite adequate.

Just my 2p as a fellow customer.

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