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Broadband drops out when we receive calls

Hi folks,


We don't use our phoneline much, but our number has apparently fallen into the hands of scammer call centres recently and we've actually had a couple of phone calls this week.

Just now, and again earlier in the week, when the phone started ringing the broadband disconnected. It doesn't seem to happen when we make outgoing calls. 

There's lots of static on the line, and has been for ages, including when we had an engineer for a fault with our broadband (kept dropping out, unrelated to phoneline) earlier in the year. 

I've run the troubleshooter for both broadband and phone line and it says everything is fine.

Any ideas?

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Re: Broadband drops out when we receive calls

The noise on the line is the problem, until that is resolved nothing will improve. Report the fault as a noisy line fault, don't mention broadband problems.

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