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I'm moving into a new flat and I've checked what broadband speed is available to me and its between 2 and 6mb I believe. This is because it claims thats fibre broadband is not available in my area. However I've checked what broadband is available on my road and fibre broadband is available on the rest of the road and even in the 3 other flats in my building. I don't understand why this is? If anyone knows why that would be great.

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Re: Broadband


I am assuming that you are using BT Retail as your provider?

You will need to place an order for a phone line first. Once that is active the Openreach database will be updated, and you should be able to see what broadband options are available.

If you are not using BT, then you will need to post on the forum that is operated by your chosen provider.



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Re: Broadband

There could be a multitude of reasons why it’s not available but sometimes if you check just using the address it may show it not being available whereas if you check using a phone number for a line that actually goes to the property, if there currently is one, it may show something different. 

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