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Bt app wireless signal accuracy

Is the test within the bt app reliable?  I'm literally sitting next to the smart hub 2 and it's saying this is my strength.  On fttp and testing using a galaxy s20+

Screenshot_20210927-185054_My BT.jpg

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Re: Bt app wireless signal accuracy

Hi @alan_mc,

Thank you for the post. How do you find the wireless connection at home? Are you experiencing an issues?

I do find the test in the app to be a good indication of how the home network is performing. It also looks at this like wireless interference and congestions. It could be a indication that a neighbour is using the same wireless channel.



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Re: Bt app wireless signal accuracy

  • Hi paddy,  it's OK but I don't understand why it would say poor if I'm in the same room as the router.  I've also checked the 5ghz channels on WiFi analyser Pro and no indication of neighbours using same channel.  Tried switching to other channels in that band also.  2.4 is crowded but only devices connecting to that in the house are the amazon echos. 
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Re: Bt app wireless signal accuracy

When you use a client for checking for other APs they never tend to show the whole picture. Unfortunately there is no way to access this information  through a BT router whereas some third-party routers offer this. 

Have you tried another client to insure reception is the issue rather than the client?



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