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Bt sport

Hi I have no problem with Netflix or prime or apple tv only with bt sport. 
My wife is currently watching the Liverpool benfica match on her iPad again with no problem! 
But if we watch bt sport of programs we don’t really want to each = no pixelisation’s but if we watch something like above that we do want to watch it’s heavily pixelated. 
I dont want a huge long cable from router to box it would have to be very long and why are all other streaming services perfect ? - just bt sport is unwatchable! 
why we bother paying I don’t know! 

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Re: Bt sport

So just to confirm your issue: 

When you use your Apple TV to watch a BT Sport programme you want to watch, it's pixelated.

When you use your Apple TV to watch a BT Sport programme that you don't want to watch, it's not pixelated.

When you use your iPad, it's never pixelated.

Is that correct?

When you see the pixelation problem on a programme you want to watch, could you try immediately changing to a different channel to see if that is also pixelated?

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Re: Bt sport

Thank you for your reply: no my gripe is that every other steaming service we have doesn’t pixelate - only bt sport - meaning if we want to watch for eg tonight Liverpool vs Benfica we have to view it on an iPad or I phone as the Tv just pixelates.

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Re: Bt sport

Hi thank you for your reply - much appreciated. No it’s just bt sport. 
every other streaming service such as Netflix or Apple TV or any terrestrial v are all perfect! 
so …….ie I’ve just turned on bt sport to watch Liverpool vs benfica and within 20 seconds it’s heavily pixelated and then 20 seconds of picture thenbadly  pixelated . My wife is now watching it sitting next to the tv on her iPad and it’s a perfect picture!!!!!!  
why is bt sport on tv so bad? Feel we are paying for nothing! 

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Re: Bt sport

Could you please send me a DM with the BT ID you're logged into the app with? I'll check the stats.

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