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Re: Cabinet Change

Post hub stats. If sh2 then advanced settings then technical log information 

your connection speed is 18mb and the bottom of your expected range and significantly better than your previous adsl 4mb

have you any line noise. Dial 17070 option 2 should be silent and best with corded phone

are you using test socket with a filter to see if that improves your connection speed - even if you currently have a filtered master socket

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Re: Cabinet Change

As said Openreach will not move you onto a different PCP just to improve your broadband speed. It’s stated on their web site somewhere.

The only time they would/should do it is if your line was missed off a planned upgrade. This is usually only applicable to BDUK Funded FTTC though.

The main reason they won’t move you is down to cost. The cabinet might only be 100m away but that doesn’t necessarily mean the duct that feeding your DP is interconnected to the PCP you want to move to. Moving you to it could end up costing thousands in Civils work.

Do that for everyone who wants to move to a closer cabinet and the company will go bankrupt within a year.

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Re: Cabinet Change

This has been brought up many times, BT are not responsible for the ‘network’ , the same as any other CP that uses Openreach , so it’s pointless asking your CP to move you to another cabinet.
If you could ask OR directly ( bearing in mind it’s the regulator Ofcom that doesn’t want you to have a direct relationship with OR ) the answer would ( almost certainly) be ‘No’ , the DP that serves your home is cabled back to the cabinet you are off, not any other, even if there is now a cabinet that’s physically closer to your home, there is no cable from it to your DP.
If OR did independently decide to reroute your DP to this close cab, it would need a considerable amount of time planning, then arranging it with all the different service providers that also have customers off your DP , and it wouldn’t make sense to do only your DP so potentially every other DP on the main cable from your current cab to your DP would be also included, all these service providers would have to agree to downtime and they in turn would have to inform all their customers when this downtime would occur, imagine the logistics of getting potentially dozens of company’s to agree to a date, and given that the onus is now on FTTP, OR are not going to spend time , effort and expense will on copper network rearrangements.
If you are getting what you were told to expect, you really have no cause for complaint, if you are not getting what you should expect, you probably should ensure your internal setup is optimised as that could well be where any issue is, and neither BT or OR are responsible for that.
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Re: Cabinet Change

I understand. I Believe openreach should so something such as add more cabinets etc. I feel like they only prioritise a little amount of houses compared to the thousands stuck on the same far away cabinet.

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Re: Cabinet Change

The construction cost of adding a PCP/DSLAM can cost upwards of £50,000

Also FTTC/G.Fast will always have limitations. They’ll never be able to push 1+ Gbps speeds on those technologies so FTTP is the only way to go.

Openreach are now concentrating all their time, effort and funding on building a National FTTP Network. Sooner or later everyone will get FTTP, you might get it in 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years. Impossible to say.

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