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Caller Display not working on Advanced Digital Handset

Having just been migrated to digital voice, I now have my existing phone connected to the hub by cable at the rear and one of the new advance digital handsets paired directly to the hub. Caller display still works on the old phone but the new BT Advanced Digital Handset displays the number on the screen but not the name of the caller, even though the callers details are saved to contacts. 

Can anyone advise on how to fix this?

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Re: Caller Display not working on Advanced Digital Handset

if you have just reset handset and hub did you re-enter your contacts

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Re: Caller Display not working on Advanced Digital Handset

The handset and hub was reset yesterday before I added all the contact details. Caller display wasn't working immediately after I added the contacts yesterday and isn't working today. It just displays the number not the name of the caller.

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Re: Caller Display not working on Advanced Digital Handset


Have you entered the full national dialling number into the contacts, as local short dialling codes no longer work?


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Re: Caller Display not working on Advanced Digital Handset

Yes - I've included the full number including dialing codes in the contacts. Display also doesn't work with mobile numbers. I've tried phoning the home phone with my own mobile which is in the contacts but again it only displays the number not my name.

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Re: Caller Display not working on Advanced Digital Handset

What happens if you remove your number from the phone. Then call your home number, then add it back into the phone from the call log?

I remember a post from a while back where there was an issue with a phone, where a number had been stored with no name. Then the same number was stored with the name. When the phone searched for the entry to match, it came across the blank on first, and no name was displayed.

I am sure other people would be having this issue, if it was a fault with the design of the phone.

Are you sure that the call is not being intercepted by 1571, before it has chance to decode the number?

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Re: Caller Display not working on Advanced Digital Handset

Caller Display not working on any handsets or phones since Digital Voice Migratation on 8 Nov 2021

My scheduled date for the Digital Voice migration was 8 Dec 2021

As I was using a stand-alone Panasonic Answerphone, I was sent a digital adaptor to use it.  I had to remove  the Voicemail service from BT.

After pairing up all my devices to my BT Hub 2 , I noticed that no Caller-Display was showing whenever I got incoming calls. Reported to BT who insisted I had Caller-Display activated on their system.

When either BT-Privacy or Voicemail are de-activated by operators , it automatically also de-activates Caller-Display - This is unknown my most BT Operators you call.

On waiting 21 days , 14 Orders and 2 Fault Orders , BT could not resolve the matter due to their un-trained and inexperienced staff.

Today I Called BT-Billing and spoke to an advisor called Martin who said he dealt with tech issues as well.  He said he had dealt with the same issue with sucess for 5 customers. He checked my account and said that Caller-Display was NOT activated - even though operators insisted it was activated on 10 different orders placed.

So he de-activated my BT-Privacy and Voicemail then re-activated BT-Privacy (which includes Caller-Display) but after completing order it did not automatically activate Caller-Display . He had to manually tick both boxes on the system and complete the order - and hey presto it worked !!!

So, when BT privacy is activated by the operator, Caller-Display should be manually ticked on provided box for it to activate and work on connected Digital Voice devices.

I was lucky to speak to Martin in Billing who had on-hand experience with the problem and solved it within half an hour of our talk - unlike all the 10 or more inexperienced operators that BT have employed.  I insisted that he sent a memo to the relevant BT Officers and operators to avail his knowledge.

21 Days of waiting, 14 orders and 2 Fault Orders to BT with no success till today when one experienced operator solved the issue.





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Re: Caller Display not working on Advanced Digital Handset

So it now seems to be working intermittently. Nothing has changed but it has started working most of the time. Sometimes when it doesn’t work and I go into contacts it gives an error saying “service not available” then after waits while the contacts reappear. Almost like it is not picking up the contacts from the hub (I assume they are stored on the hub not the phone). Interestingly, it seems to be worse when the phone is very close to the hub.

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