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Can I host a domain on a residential account?

Hi - is there a way to have some domains that I own transferred under my BT residential account?

At the moment they are registered under two different BT business accounts (an old version and a new version).

I am having a lot of issues where BT don't provide any service to fix them as I'm not a "proper" business customer, and I only want the domain in order to do mainly email forwarding.

I'm wondering if in these modern times many years later I can own a domain as a residential customer, or is BT still behind the times?

Otherwise I guess I need to transfer those domains out to an independent provider, which I have no idea how to do but I will have to figure it out.

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Re: Can I host a domain on a residential account?

BT Residential don't host domains I'm afraid. Its probably quite easy to transfer them to a third party provider such as IONOS (formerly 1&1)

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Re: Can I host a domain on a residential account?


Welcome to this user forum.

BT Residential do not offer static IP addresses, so you would have to use a DDNS service and then redirect the host name that you have purchased, to your own host name running on your server. Its likely to cause issues when you do the redirect.

BT residential do not offer any webspace or hosting

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