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Can't find files in BT Cloud

I have just set up BT Cloud and uploaded a lot of files & pictures, but cannot find a large number of them.  I can see files with extensions .pdf, .rtf, .docx and .doc, but most of my documents are not PDFs and they are not written in MS Word.  Most have the file extension .nb or no file extension at all, but other files are Adobe InDesign files that have the extension .indd.  I watched as these files were uploaded, but when I log on to the Cloud on the web & try to find them they aren't there--only the PDF, rtf [etc.] files.  My whole reason for using BT Cloud was to be able to safely 'store' these files, but how would I find them if I wanted to restore them?  Using the general search function, I only get results if the file types are those listed above.

Maybe I did something wrong, as I found the instructions very hard to follow.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Can't find files in BT Cloud

Did you upload them from a synchronized folder and then delete them from your machine? if you did then, by synchronization,  you also deleted them from the cloud

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Re: Can't find files in BT Cloud

No, I did not delete them from my Pc—they are all still there.

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Re: Can't find files in BT Cloud

If they're in a synchronized folder then leave your machine on and they should upload automatically, just keep an eye on it

EDIT: That's assuming that the BT Cloud app is doing it's job correctly.
I take it you are aware of this thread ?

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Re: Can't find files in BT Cloud

No, I don't think you understand the problem.  The files DID upload--I watched it happen on the desktop app.  Here is a clip from the app, just now:


This shows that they uploaded.  But I cannot now find these files in the BT cloud.  I can only find files with the extensions that I mentioned in my first post.

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