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Can't login to FON on Deutsche Telekom Telekom_FON access point

I've used FON service infrequently around Europe and it's nearly always worked. Right now am in Berlin and it's failing to login with a Telekom_FON access point. I've tried all combinations of the 'Login' and 'FON Login' tabs, and I've tried both with and without 'BT/' on the front of the email address which I've needed in some cases.

The FON login tab does have a drop down with a list of providers around Europe which interestingly does not have BT in it, but I thought the point of FON was that it included all FON members.

I'm 100% sure I'm using correct details that are same as my BT login which has worked fine on other FON wifi access points around Europe and is the same login that I use to get into my BT account.

I'm looking for specific advice for this situation and anything that I could possibly be doing wrong, not just a referral to BT/Telekom support unless there is a specific FON support service



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