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Can't switch back on wireless

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Bought a Tp Link Deco X20 to try and set up mesh network to improve coverage but have since found out that Smart Hub can't be switched to modem/bridge mode.

While doing some googling and messing I tried switching off wirless through the hub manager 

Realised I actually had an old ZyXEL modem from my parents and then tried to set up that but no luck either (will maybe return yo that in another question!).

So tried to return to original so OK for work tomorrow and now can't get my original hub wirless connection back. I can see and log into the BT WiFi connection but the hub connection doesn't exist. Typing brings up nothing...

What have I done?

Any help greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: Can't switch back on wireless

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No idea what you have done but simply factory reset the hub by pressing the recessed button for about 20 seconds until the lights flash.

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Re: Can't switch back on wireless

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Ah durr, thank you! Was just panicking slightly...

Sorted now (though no idea if I can get these Deco things working...)
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