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Separate wires for broadband and telephone

With the 2 wires attached to A and B, is it possible to have broadband run on one wire (blue cable) and telephone on the other wire (white cable)?

Previously I only had BT telephone, however I added BT infinity and I was only getting 45mb despite being on the BT infinity 2. A few years later an engineer had done something to the wiring and I was getting the full 80mb download but my connection felt laggier.

Im wondering if when the engineer first installed BT, I had broadband running down 1 cable and telephone separately on another hence the slower speed but better connection in my opinion. And ever since an engineer did something with the wiring to increase speeds, he may have set it up so brod and and telephone runs down both wires (blue and white) which might cause interference and lag issues?



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Re: Separate wires for broadband and telephone

Telephony and broadband run together on both wires.

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Re: Separate wires for broadband and telephone

the 2 wires need to be connected for the phone service but broadband may work with only 1 wire connected but will be slow  so if phone worked both wires were connected to A&B

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Re: Separate wires for broadband and telephone

Do you have a dialling tone on your line if you plug a phone in? 

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