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Cannot watch live TV

Every time I try to watch something live on the mobile app, it shuts down with error code VC566. Apparently this error code is not recognised, so there is no help available. Anyone have any help/tips? I have tried the usual uninstall and reinstall to no avail!

This had just happened in the last week, no issues in the previous 3/4 years of using the app.



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Re: Cannot watch live TV

Have you recently changed the operating system on your device?  Installed a custom ROM maybe?

Your device is reporting "Unsupported operation" - it doesn't support the type of content protection we're trying to apply.

Have you tried rebooting your phone, just in case something has become stuck?

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Re: Cannot watch live TV

Thanks for the quick reply. As far as I know, I have not changed or installed anything. Like I said, it has worked fine for a long time. 

I have my phone set to reboot every day as well. 

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Re: Cannot watch live TV

Unfortunately, the only thing I can suggest at this point is to select the More tab in the BT Sport app, then Player Settings, then Disable hardware acceleration. I can't guarantee the quality of the video you'll get, but it should at least play.
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Re: Cannot watch live TV

Thanks again. This does work, and on first try, the quality is still good.

I will keep an eye out for software updates, hopefully the next one will sort it out!

Thanks for your help. 

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