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Capped Broadband

Hi, bt have been automatically capping our broadband speed every month or so.

A quick using the broadband checker shows that we should have speeds between 45 high and 32 low for a clean line.

Our speed dropped from an already lowish speed of 24 to 8mb for several weeks due to this cap being put on.

Now the engineer from the specialist broadband team who has just visited told me he only checks the internal line of the house and cannot remove this cap. He found nothing wrong with our line.

So how am I supposed to get this cap removed. I work from home so this is having a serious impact.


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Re: Capped Broadband

A Qube engineer can do nothing more than check the equipment is connected correctly so not so much of a specialist.

Post your hub connection stats. from Advanced settings/technical log/information.

Conduct a quite lie test on 17070 option 2, best with corded phone. It should be silent between announcements. You may get a dull hum if cordless.

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Re: Capped Broadband

thanks, but that test has been done numerous times. There is no fault found with our internal line and it has a clean line to the cabinet as stated by another engineers visit 

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Re: Capped Broadband

if you have done the quiet line test and it is completely silent then ok

can you post hub stats as requested

can you enter your phone number and post results

have you been having problems with hub dropping connection or have you been resetting trying to improve connection or a combination of both?

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Re: Capped Broadband


Hi, bt have been automatically capping our broadband speed every month or so.


Just for clarification Jeremy.

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