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Community Registration problems

When I tried to register for the Community, none of the many attempts to get a validation e-mail reached my e-mail account (I see from old posts that this is a known problem). I tried to re-register with a different e-mail address, but could not re-use the same ID name as that was 'awaiting verification'.

I then tried to register with a new ID name, but the original e-mail address - same problem, so used a (temporary) different e-mail address and that worked (which is why I am here now!).

I then tried to change my temporary e-mail address back to the original one which I really wanted to use, but could not do that as it is 'awaiting verification'. I can't access the original (failed) registration to cancel it as - you've guessed it - it is 'awaiting verification'.

So - will the original un-verified registration eventually time-out and release the original e-mail address so that I can now use that, or how do I request to have it cancelled please?


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Re: Community Registration problems

Hi @Nemo2000, sorry you had problems with your initial registration for the forum. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to contact the Mod team and we'll be happy to help get this tidied up for you. 



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