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Complete Wi-fi disc

We joined BT recently and took out the complete Wi-fi so received one disc the disc is setup on the landing to give signal to rooms upstairs and the router is in the living room downstairs.  There is one bedroom upstairs at the back of the house that still has poor signal and nothing seems to connect to the disc at all all devices connect to the hub downstairs.  The disc was setup as per instructions and it shows as connected in the app and has a blue light, what’s going wrong? I thought the purpose of the discs was to make signal available in all rooms?

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Re: Complete Wi-fi disc

Check the signal by

  • standing in the room concerned
  • opening the MyBT app
  • tap More in the bottom right hand corner
  • tap on the disc and then on Disc details.

What is the number in the field marked Strength (it will be a minus number with the letters dBm after it)

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Re: Complete Wi-fi disc

The disc is showing as excellent on the app but nothing that is being used upstairs is connecting to it despite it being closer than the hub that is what I am wondering why wouldn’t devices connect to that instead? What is the point to having a disc midpoint from the hub if nothing is connecting to it?

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Re: Complete Wi-fi disc

-60dbm the disc is showing
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Re: Complete Wi-fi disc

That's a decent signal, try turning wi-fi off on your device for (say) 20 seconds and then back on

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Re: Complete Wi-fi disc

Simply call & ask for another disc for the other room too, you get up to 3 as part of the pwckage

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Re: Complete Wi-fi disc

I was thinking that I could do that but one of my main questions is why nothing is connecting to the disc and why everything is connecting to the hub surely this is adding to the poor signal in some rooms?

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Re: Complete Wi-fi disc

I doubt another disc would make any difference, -60dBm is a decent signal.

If you search this forum, you will find that a number of people have asked the same question but I don't think there was a common answer. You could try a factory reset of the disc and pair it again.

Have you turned off Smart Setup and made sure that the hub is operating in Wireless Mode 1 

Smart Setup:

  • Wireless Mode: Logon to from a browser.
  • Click Advanced Settings. Click Wireless.
  • Check Wireless mode is 1


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