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12mb at the moment.

Over the road gets 28 , next door 15 and 4  houses up get full fibre to house.

(All within 100m)

Same cabinet.   

Keep asking and apparently fibre "not available in your post code".   

Openreach or BT dropping the ball?


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Re: Confused

if you are a BT Retail customer then enter your phone number and post results otherwise use address

It is openreach who decide what broadband to offer and where and when but there is no link from this forum to openreach anymore than any other ISP

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Re: Confused

Full fibre ‘FTTP’ doesn’t come from a cabinet , with other broadband technologies, if you get slower speed to your over the road neighbour ( assuming you are on the same product ) then it’s likely that the cable route they have is shorter to the cabinet/exchange than yours , assuming they are in the same cabinet/exchange area in the first place.

TBH , unless you are talking about an immediate neighbour, or you can see it’s the same telegraph pole that serves both ( underground feeds you obviously won’t know ) then it’s a pointless comparison, what have you done to establish your speed is as good as it could be ?

As already stated , what speed is predicted for your address , if it’s in line with that prediction that may all your location will provide, if it’s significantly less than the predicted speed you may have a fault, and that could be something you are responsible for ( rubbish internal wiring for example ) or Openreach are responsible for ( if it’s external to your home )

Post the connection statistics from your router , this may give an indication of an issue.

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