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Confusing accounts showing multiple accounts emails

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Bear with me as this is confusing.

My dad has long since had his email address "emailA" under his broadband account "AccountA"
he created me an email account under this "emailB"

Years later i moved out and got my own broadband package "AccountB" but signed up using my "emailB" email address as i use this for everything.

Fast forward and my dads emailA shows listed under my account when i go to manage email as well as my emailB

My BT lets me view both our accounts even though i have nothing to do with my dads other than my email originating from him.

Under my dads accountA, if he goes to manage email, it shows his own email address as having been gifted and not under his control...


To add to the confusion, when i log into MY BT on the phone App i seem to get different info than if i use a browser on a PC.  Im sure at one point my MY BT login used the same email address (emailB) as the username as my email login but with different passwords. but if i reset one, the other seems to reset now.



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Re: Confusing accounts showing multiple accounts emails

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Both email account A and B were set up under your dads BT Broadband account.

Unless he gifted BT account BT to you and you set up your own BTID the account would remain as one of your dads eleven email accounts allowed to be set up in his BT Broadband account.

When you moved away and got your own BT Broadband, you have used one of your dads email accounts, account B, to set this up and at that time set up a BTID in order to manage that broadband account.

Assuming you were not gifted email account B from your dad, when you got your own BT Broadband and used email account B to set up your own BTID with this email address you have in effect "hijacked" your dad's BT Broadband account to your BTID and  MyBT and as such you are able to view all email addresses that were linked through your dad's MyBT.

What you and your dad should have done was for your dad to "gift" email account B to you and you should have set up a BTID to accept that email account.

When you got your own BT Broadband account you should then have imported email account B to your broadband account and this would have removed it from your dad's BT broadband account and left it completely under your control from your MyBT and it would have left his BT email account A completely under his control with no access to either email account except from the "owners" own MyBT or if they knew the correct password.

Hope that all makes sense out of a nonsensical BT email system!

See links.

How do I create and activate a new BT Email address? | BT Help

 Can I move my BT email address to another account? | BT Help

Having said all that I think it will take moderator intervention to sort this out so I have notified the moderators of the forum about your problem. Once they have read this they may be able to help. They are very busy at present so it can take up to 48 hours for them to contact you. They will do this by posting on this thread.


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Re: Confusing accounts showing multiple accounts emails

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Hi @crummett,

I can certainly see why this is confusing. @gg30340 is most likely right in what he says. My team can look into this for you and work out the best way forward. I'll send you a private message with the details that I'll need.

@gg30340 thanks for flagging this to me.


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Re: Confusing accounts showing multiple accounts emails

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Thank you. I believe you’re absolutely correct. Although my email AND my dads email show as gifted from my dad haha. I’ve since managed to call support and they’ve logged a ticket with the “bridge team” to look into it? Looks as though my dad had tried gifting me my address but accidentally done both mine and his. However they never fully became mine so sort of stuck in limbo. Hopefully the bridge team will be able to return my dads to his and fully make mine, mine!


worrying cos neither of us want to lose our email addresses since, as with most people nowadays, we have endless logins associated!

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Re: Confusing accounts showing multiple accounts emails

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Thanks, Daniel. Couldn’t work out how to reply to both of you! Managed to get through on the phone and a tickets been raised with the bridge team. Thank you for getting back to me 

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Re: Confusing accounts showing multiple accounts emails

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You are very welcome @crummett. Thanks for getting back to both of us.

Hopefully, this team should be able to get it all sorted for you. If you have any issues, feel free to reply to my private message and one of my team will investigate it for you 🙂


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