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Connecting 2 premium discs via Ethernet

Hi all,

I have 2 outbuildings that I would like to connect premium discs to from the main hub in the main house. 
In the instructions I see they mention that you can run a Ethernet cable from disc 1 to disc 2 but why can’t you run 2 Ethernet cables from main hub to the 2 discs?

am I wrong in thinking this would give the discs higher speeds instead of daisy chaining them?

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Re: Connecting 2 premium discs via Ethernet

There's two variants of the Wholehome discs, Wholehome and Wholehome Premium and they connect slightly differently.

On one version, you can run two of them back to the hub, on the other you can't, you can only have one connected to the hub and the discs then cabled together (if you need to use cables)

See for full details

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Re: Connecting 2 premium discs via Ethernet

Thanks for the reply, yes I’m aware of the 2 models. 
my thought process was that the premium is the better model and as it has 2 Ethernet ports I would have a spare on each disc to plug the likes of the tv etc to them. 

I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work if 2 of them were connected straight to the main hub like the other (1 Ethernet port) model. 

Surely the discs would still receive internet

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