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Connection dropped agaaaainnnn

So im on the verge on breaking down. I actually came home today and started crying. This has been a very stressful month with BT. I have been with them for  more than 18 months then left for 2 weeks as the contract ended and it was expensive. I I then went back as I thought I am comfortable with BT and I dont like change,. That has been since 23rd of June. I keep getting dropped connections a few times an hour for a few hours then it goes off completely.

I have had hours of waiting on the phone talking to customer service. Had an engineer whonsaid its my socket and house circuit even though it was normal for 18 months but i went with it. Good connection for a few days then dropped and no connection for days. After a few painful customer service calls , they booked another engineer visit and he came and said its the external wiring problem. Stayed for a few hours  and then said it was really tricky but he finally found the hidden fault and fixed it. I had a normal connection for 4 days the it dropped out then no connection for another week till They managed to book me an engineer appointment. Then the engineer showed up on the wrong day not the day of the appointment. So they sent me an email even though its not my fault and I had to call again and wait 1 hour 10 minutes on waiting to talk to someone to book another engineer appointment instead of the one BT messed up after 6 days as that was the only avaible one. I had to take another day off. Im a doctor and thats not easy and i spend 3/4 of my life in hospital. The 1/4 I have left at home is with no connection , talking to BT. 

So the 3rd engineer appointment was last Tuesday ( 2 days ago) . The guy came and said its a wire problem and he changed it and now it will be great. The connection was perfect for Tuesday evening and wednesday. Thursday i got a call while im at work from BT asking if im okay and checking on me. I thought that was weird. I said im fine thank u and problem is solved. Then i come home at 2200 , no connection . red light flashing. Phone is working , dial tone is there. I did the number test its my number. I truly give up and I dont know what to do. I have work to do and i cant do it and it just makes me want to cry. So so stressful and unfair. I feel like they deliberately cut the connection. There is no other reasonable explaination.

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Re: Connection dropped agaaaainnnn

Hi @dhanna welcome to the community and thanks for posting I'm so sorry about the fault with your service after returning to BT, I can assure you this is not something that we would ever deliberately do to a connection and we would never want to make a customer feel so bad that they want to cry. I appreciate that as a Doctor you've probably had the most stressful few months of your career lately and this is not something that you should have to deal with on top of that. I'll private message you in a moment so you can send over your details to the moderation team as I'm sure we'll be able to help. 

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