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Constant Error messages in my Inbox

When I delete an email from my BT Inbox I frequently get a box appearing which says "Error - An unexpected error has occurred".  I then have to click "OK" and carry on.  This can happen with almost every email that I deal with.

Does anyone have any idea about how to stop this happening?





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Re: Constant Error messages in my Inbox

The best way to stop it happening is to use an email client/app instead of accessing your email using a web browser.

Which method are you using to delete the emails. ie. do you have the email open and use the delete button in the top menu or is the email closed and you are selecting it from your list of emails and dragging it into the Trash folder or ....

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Re: Constant Error messages in my Inbox

Thanks for your reply.

The problem seems to occur when the email is closed and I hit the Delete (dustbin) icon in the bottom right hand corner of the item in my inbox.   It seems not to happen if I tick the email and then hit the delete button in the top menu.  Of course, that takes a bit longer!

This is only a problem on my laptop, not on my i-phone.

I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what you mean by an email client.  I usually open my emails by typing bt into my browser and following the steps from there.  I didn't know that there was an alternative.



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Re: Constant Error messages in my Inbox

An email client is just an app, similar to what you presumably use on your iPhone.

A popular free client is Mozilla Thunderbird.