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Constant issues, no help

Everyday this week we’ve had a BT engineer scheduled.  Today We were supposed to have somebody visit the premises.

Nobody turned up today and All I see from previous days is the status on myBT Is “please check your service”. It works for a bit - then drops again. 

I’ve spoken to customer services, raised two complaints. Lovely staff, but nobody can help me.

Luckily during the day the service is mostly OK - just in the evening it goes down. 

BT knows there is a problem - I’ve run the text message diagnostics service daily when the service goes down.

Is anybody else having similar issues or should I be taking this personally?!?!

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Re: Constant issues, no help

do you have a dial tone on your landline?  does that also go off in the evening?

if you have dial tone dial 17070 option 2  should be silent and best with corded phone

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