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Cordless phones don't work, wired do. Ongoing problem BT can't fix.

Trying to help my father-in-law with an ongoing issue:

A few weeks ago, their Panasonic cordless phones stopped working - no dial tone, nothing. Prior to this there was a noticeable reduction in quality (echo-y/tinny) for a few days, and a brief period where the phones still received calls, but wouldn't ring and there was no dial tone.

An old BT Duet corded phone works.

I've done a lot of testing trying to narrow down what's wrong:

We have since tested 2 other sets of cordless phones that are known to be working, and the result is the same. When the phones are connected they communicate fine with their base stations, so I don't think the problem is wireless interference (I have also tested with all other wireless devices switched off just in case). One set of phones reports "No phone line - check connection".

They have FTTP with a Huawei HG8240 terminal, and a BT Smart Hub 2 router. Internet connection is perfect.

Testing with the master socket doesn't help/change anything - furthermore a BT engineer when visiting told them that the master socket is now redundant, and that they should connect directly to the Tel1 port on the Huawei terminal box.

Line tests are, apparently, all normal. 

BT are still insisting it's a problem with the cordless handsets, but given the above tests I don't see how that can be the case. 

The problems started (coincidentally?) at approximately the same time they upgraded to BT Halo 3. I'm not with BT myself so don't know if this could have anything to do with it?

They're not on digital voice.

Any thoughts?! Thanks 🙂

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Re: Cordless phones don't work, wired do. Ongoing problem BT can't fix.

Update: BT sent some new cordless phones to test, which work - the only difference being that the cable connecting the phones to the Tel1 port have 4 pins rather than 2. Can someone explain what the means, and why it would have changed?!
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