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DSL Drop Outs

I'm on Fibre 100 and over a lengthy period Ive had an ongoing drop out issue with speeds below the 100Mb Stay Fast. On the 27th Feb I did a speed check after noticing drop outs during the day. In all over 40.
Speed ended up at 40-45 Mb.
Engineer came and checked externally, did a reset on external kit and went up to between 130-140Mb. This lasted 10 days, data back from BT suggested stable at a round 115Mb.
All good until a power cut, Hub reset and off we went down by 10-15 Mb over the last few days.
Now regular link down/up mainly during early morning. Reset hub today and went up to 90Mb.
I have a direct connection into hub with a Openreach 5C, latest hub (Oct 2020)
Seen on some posts about issues with the 5C box, however these were a while ago.
Engineer now booked, unfortunately again.
Advice previously was to drop down to a slower package, max 70Mb!
Anyone had similar?
I have been told that the faster service over copper/aluminium cabling is temperamental, not sure why a power cut would influence the external kit.
Example below.
0:57:17, 13 Mar.
DSL Link Up: Down Rate=69011kbps, Up Rate=23525kbps; SNR Margin Down=18.6dB, Up=3.2dB
00:57:09, 13 Mar.
WAN Auto-sensing detected port DSL WAN
00:55:37, 13 Mar.
WAN Sensing Auto sensing Complete, interface selected
00:55:37, 13 Mar.
WAN Sensing Auto sensing Running
00:55:35, 13 Mar.
WAN Sensing Auto sensing Complete, interface selected
00:55:35, 13 Mar.
WAN Sensing Auto sensing Running

00:55:35, 13 Mar.

WAN connection WAN2_INTERNET_PTM disconnected.[ERROR_NO_CARRIER]

00:55:34, 13 Mar.
DSL Link Down: duration was 83438 seconds
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Re: DSL Drop Outs

This is an update from me regarding my post, looking at logs it is now regular early morning.
PPP LCP Send Termination Request (user request)
Line connect protocol, it's not apparently a user request. BT Broadband doing something which unfortunatly changes speed by dropping link. All over forums with Plusnet etc. Users who change to 3rd party routers have stabiity due to BT not being able to access.
I wait for a BT comment?
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Re: DSL Drop Outs

Hi, I've had similar problems and multiple engineers come out, often with different advice. My Fibre 100 / Halo3 often drops out every 3-4 days between 1am and 4am though it happened today at just after 9am.
Last engineer said cable between my faceplate and junction outside my flat was not perfect, and could be causing the problem, yet I regularly get speeds above 100Mpbs down for the periods between the drops, with many devices internally connected during the day, so why the drops overnight?
I've been suggested using an rj11-rj11 cable the engineer left (I had just bought a high grade one) because the one shipped with the new hub is too short, makes no difference, but do get a decent quality one (this connects your router to the faceplate).
BT have been having this issue for years it seems, no easy fix.
From what I have read PPP/LCP goes down because underlying DSL line is down (and keeps trying to reconnect)
I also do not understand why it's almost always early morning (one would expect this to happen during busiest times/heaviest usage).
Keep complaining - if the line was stable at above 100Mbps it SHOULD work, ask for compensation as 100Mbps is guaranteed.
Power cut should not affect anything unless a power spike caused an issue. Maybe try a new Smart Hub2?
Good luck!
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Re: DSL Drop Outs

I can give you an update which may help you, depends on your connection (cabling etc).

First - I have found the faceplate/ is very sensitive. Even accidentally tapping the rj11 cable (modem cable) in the faceplate (mine is under my desk) will cause disconnects.

Secondly, I had a super short (2m) cable run connecting the bt termination connection outside my flat to another junction inside which was lower quality cable (a cable bt used in the late 70s/early 80s that was partly copper, partly aluminium) - I have replaced that and whilst I also cannot understand why I also used to get dropouts every few nights at similar times as yourself, this has stopped happening. Although it would connect just above 100Mpbs sometimes and work for a few days it would still disconnect overnight sometimes. After changing that cable it was stable but weirdly below 100Mpbs - around 92-95Mpbs (despite copper being better conductor than aluminium). No dropouts. 

Finally, I bought, via eBay, a specialist rj11-rj11 cat6 shielded cable to connect modem (smart hub 2) to faceplate (about £16, made in UK)  and on first connect it connected at 106Mpbs, and advanced log suggests data rate (down) can go as high as 110Mbs. 

Not sure if any of that helps but thought I'd share. 

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