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Damaged phone

Hope someone can help.

I have an oppo A72 on contract with BT which I have managed to water damage. I have tried the sitting in rice and the phone works but charging seems to be knackered.

I will need to buy a new phone as this one is still in contract, however WiFi calling is a necessity since signal here is next to nothing.

Since buying this phone I now seem to be spoiled for choice on the selection of phones BT have on offer, a whole 4. BT seem to be pushing contracts through EE instead now?

I need to buy a phone outright, and BT advise I need to buy the phone from them for WiFi calling to be guaranteed if it's supported. I know some sim free phones from Amazon will allow WiFi calling but apart from a trial and error or purchasing and returning phones until I find one what works, what other options are there?

Can anyone from BT support?






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Re: Damaged phone


Is your first choice another Oppo A72? If so, then they are available from the BT Shop:


I bought a phone, (Samsung), outright from BT Shop at the beginning of this year, and for me WiFi calling is also essential. Both BT Mobile and BT Shop assured me that buying any WiFi Calling capable phone from BT Shop guarantees that the WiFi Calling will work on BT Mobile.


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