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Destiny 2 (PC) Connection Issues

I recently switched over to 1gb FTTP from virgin media and ever since, I keep getting disconnected from the Destiny 2 game servers every 1.5 hours or so.

I have my own router (D-link for 878) which I had been previously been using with Virgin with no problems.

I know it's a BT issue because this issue only started when I switched over, and I also tested all day today playing tethered to my phone's 5g internet without a single disconnection.

Could this possibly be an issue with BT throttling connections to Bungies servers (I know they have to route to their US servers)

Hopefully this is something that can be resolved since I am otherwise liking BT

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Re: Destiny 2 (PC) Connection Issues

Is this console or PC?

sorry just seen it’s PC.

Are you using any rules like port forwarding or is it just a plain old setup and go?

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Re: Destiny 2 (PC) Connection Issues

Hi Stu,


I had it as the usual setup and go, but when all this started happening I also forwarded the ports.


I wonder if it's because the Destiny 2 servers are a Hybrid Server/P2P?

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Re: Destiny 2 (PC) Connection Issues

Hi Sorry for the late reply, work caught me out.

I’ve not seen any other reports on a forum I’m on that’s to do with a gaming router but I know Destiny made some changes but that was aimed at consoles.

is it dropping in matches or while it waits to find a server?

Apart from renewing your address ie turning off the modem for 30 mins it’s hard to know what’s going on. It could be a slight hiccup on the firewall side too but to test that would require DMZ and there’s a security risk with a PC connected that way.

you could attempt a factory reset of the router in case there is a problem. 

I take it your router is connected to a modem and not the BT router, can you confirm?

Double check their service status too in case they have had issue and you could try a full reset on the router but I’m not familiar with the one you use sadly.

Dont suppose you have another router handy to double check?

just to confirm you are not using a VPN by any chance?

When you loose connection is it just the game, no other devices drop and your pc does not drop the internet connection?

hope you don’t mind me asking, are you in anyway trying to match solo or attempting to match with a group of players only?

When it drops are you in a team and the leader is selecting the server or starting a match or openworld?


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