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Re: Difference between Residential & Business FTTP service?

I'd forgotten what it was like when dealing with the dinosaur that is BT.

Firstly the agreed install date of 15th February (next Tuesday) had mysteriously morphed to 24th February when two copies of the paperwork dropped through the letterbox following our tele-con last Friday 4th.

This is particularly galling as I have an all day appointment for the first time in 2 years on that day! 🙄

Next available date is 1st March...

And even though my father passed away in 2007 they still address correspondence to him despite my mentioning it last Friday and assurances from the BT representative they would update their records.

Way back in 2010 I remember writing to BT for the umpteenth time even including individual sheets of A4 with each letter of my name full size in different colours and a pack of Blu Tack to stick them on the wall as a reminder of who to address them to obviously to no avail! 🤣

Ah well...1st World problems. Just glad I have at least been able to place an order at last despite not being notified by the OpenReach service I signed up to some time ago that was supposed to let me know it was available and I could place an order.

I've had another think about the DDNS service as it is a feature offered by my router manufacturer. I'm going to drop the PlusNet line as the cost rocketed up from £25 to £50 when I came out of contract and the static IP is not worth that much to me 😱

Looks like I will get a broadband service over 10 times faster than what I have currently for half the price I am paying now. That's a result in my book...👍


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Re: Difference between Residential & Business FTTP service?

A DDNS like DuckDNS will allow you to remotely access (eg VPN server) your network if using dynamic dns. I moved from a static IP address with Plusnet a couple of years ago and have not had an issue.

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