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Digital Voice Adapters

Hi, A few months ago I was moved over to Digital Voice and opted for the free phone which seems good but in an old house with thick walls its range was limited. I then bought a Digital Voice Adapter, successfully paired it and plugged in a BT 4600 Base station and handset which worked well, as did its hand set in another room. I then bought another DV Adapter, paired it and plugged it into an electrical socket in our bedroom, plugged in an older BT Decor 2200 and that worked well. I was happy.

This week we noticed that the bedroom phone was not ringing when other phones rang and it has the engaged tone all the time and unplugging/replacing batteries have not solved it. We have now found that the BT4600 line has become very crackly and at times it has the engaged tone. The green light on the DVAs is often flashing whereas it used to be steady when the phone was not in use.

The guide suggests a flashing light indicates 'there's a connection problem with your broadband'. Any ideas about how this might have come about or what can be done to overcome it as at the moment we only have one phone reliably working which can only be heard in a part of the house. 

The electrical wiring has only recently been tested and was in good order, and by using Devolo extenders gives me a download speed of about 90 meg in the part of the house furthest from the BT hub.

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Re: Digital Voice Adapters

This may be a better solution to your old phones problem

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