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Digital Voice adaptors

Can anyone help? I`ve recently ordered BT FTTP and, although ordered on 1/1/21, they still haven`t installed the modem as yet. BT inform me, via their website, that when the fibre broadband is up-and-running, I can still use my normal home phones using a device called Digital Voice adaptors, but when I try to find out where to purchase these items, no luck. Although BT publish the operating leaflet for this, they don`t appear to sell them !! Is there a secret to this? 

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Re: Digital Voice adaptors

There’s a phone socket on the back of the SH2 that you can plug a normal landline phone into. I’ve had to do this because they forgot to send me a WiFi phone to go with my digital voice line...
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Re: Digital Voice adaptors

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Re: Digital Voice adaptors

Thanks for that. I know that you can plug a standard phone into the back of the Hub, but I want our `main` house phone in another room, which is why BT advertise Digital Voice adaptors for this very purpose. I don`t want one of their Digital Voice phones. If BT give a user guide, surely they sell the DV adaptors ?

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Re: Digital Voice adaptors

As the DV phone is free you can set it up anywhere in your home and make calls on your existing phone and DV phone at same time. When you get your FTTP connected and DV active I would ask FTTP TEAM for a DVA 08005874787

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