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Digital Voice on SMPF line

My mother in law is on an old SMPF setup where she pays BT for line rental and calls, and Sky for her broadband.

This setup hasn’t been available for many years and she’s probably paying over the odds for it by paying both companies, but she seems happy with it and doesn’t seem inclined to change it, despite me trying to convince her otherwise.

My question is what will happen when the day comes for her to migrate to digital voice? With her not having BT for her broadband, how will this work? Will she be forced to move her broadband to BT or will BT just say they can no longer provide her with a service and cease the line?

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Re: Digital Voice on SMPF line

As BT's Digital Voice can only be provided by BT broadband, I suspect she will have the choice of either moving her voice service to Sky or her broadband service to BT.

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