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Disapointed with FTTP

Good Morning

So my fibre 900 was installed yesterday and to say im disapointed is a understatement.

i understand i cant get full 900 on wifi which makes sense, however on WIFI the speeds are all over the place.

this morning they were 150meg, last night about 300, however i noticed the engineer has plugged the yellow ended ethernet cable in to the WAN port and then in to the ONT and left the Red ended Ethernet on the side, does it matter what colored ended cable goes in to the router, could that be the issue.

i think there has only been 2 maybe 3 times since yesterday that we have hit 400meg



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Re: Disapointed with FTTP

Neither the ONT not the hub know or care what colour the cable is. They are both CAT5e ethernet cables.

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Re: Disapointed with FTTP

Ah that's good to know, its just why the speeds are so shocking.

im using speed test to check the speeds and like i say they seem to be all over the place.

i used my iphone 6s on wifi to check the speed and got 300 which i expected with it being a old device but to go from 300 to 150 is a big drop,

my wife tried on her opa reno which is a new phone and got over 400 and today its 128

my son has the iphone xs and he only got around 200 last night

so im at a loss why its so poor


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Re: Disapointed with FTTP

oh i should mention i cant test anything hard wired because i dont have anything that can be plugged in via ethernet apart from a PS5 which in a totally seperate room and all setup.

my daughter has a laptop which believe it or not doesnt have a ethernet socket which i was shocked at.

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Re: Disapointed with FTTP

If you have not already done it make sure you turn off "smart setup" on the Smarthub.

See link how to do that.

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Re: Disapointed with FTTP

Surely they are using cat 6 now? If not, would there be an increase in speed if you did use cat 6?
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Re: Disapointed with FTTP

@tmarsh12345  Over a distance of 1 mtr (the supplied cables) there is no difference at all between CAT5e and CAT 6 cables.

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Re: Disapointed with FTTP

OK thanks, just wondering. So it would be pointless to get fibre optic patch cables?
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Re: Disapointed with FTTP


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Re: Disapointed with FTTP

Fibre optic patch cables don't work via RJ45 sockets

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