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Does BT Infinity throttle Instagram?

I'm a BT infinity customer utilising 70mb line. Generally I'm very happy with the service, but Instagram is a pain in the neck. I use this service a lot, but it appears my connection to this service on my phone over wifi appears throttled?

I know this probably isn't the case as if I connect via ethernet, the site loads up just fine.

What would cause a problem over wifi? Every other site works perfectly fine, it is literally just Instagram over wifi??

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Re: Does BT Infinity throttle Instagram?

BT don't throttle it probably just a problem with your wifi

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Re: Does BT Infinity throttle Instagram?

Thanks for quick response. I mean, yes, it's obviously something with wifi - any ideas what it could be?
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Re: Does BT Infinity throttle Instagram?

They should throttle the Rich Kids of Instagram. They’d certainly be doing the entire World a massive favour.
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Re: Does BT Infinity throttle Instagram?

I realise this is an old post but wondered if there was any way one could 'fix' or 'adjust' the wifi so it wasn't throttling Instagram. It's the only app I use that I need to come off of wifi in order to use it. 

Any suggestions on what can be done?

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