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Eero Mesh instead of Whole Home Wi-Fi?

Hi there. We're moving to a new house next week and are thinking of leaving Sky (with whom we've had no end of issues; then again, we tried moving to BT a few months ago and they messed up the change-over so badly it took three customer service reps working together to figure out what had even gone wrong!).

As it stands, we're of course using their standard Sky Q Hub, but we've bought the Amazon Eero mesh routers in order to extend coverage across this house and it mostly works very well. We're largely unhappy with just how their broadband + tv packages are overall and with their strangely restrictive broadband technologies.

We're of course aware that BT offer their Whole Home service which seems to essentially be their own mesh routers. However, given we've already invested something like £150 in these Eero mesh routers, it seems an awful waste to just drop them in the bin when we move house.

I wanted to just double check in advance of us moving and signing up to BT:

  1. Will our Eero mesh routers be fully compatible with the BT router? We'd be getting the Fibre 2 package plus BT TV.
  2. Secondarily (but less importantly) would the BT Hub be necessary, or would an entirely Eero setup be compatible with BT Fibre 2? Just because I know a whole-Eero setup has certain advantages in terms of their app features.

We would very much appreciate any help or advice.


Many thanks,


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Re: Eero Mesh instead of Whole Home Wi-Fi?


If its working with Sky, then there is no reason why it would not work with BT Broadband, as you would still be connecting to an existing router, just like you are with Sky.

You would still need to use the home hub, unless you intend you use a separate modem? Are you currently using a separate Openreach modem?


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