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Emails not being received from Gmail when using Outlook

I have a really weird problem.

I am currently not receiving emails to my BT email from my wife and son's Gmail email accounts when they send emails via Outlook, but the web app works ok. I thought there might be a problem with the Outlook settings, but emails get sent ok from Outlook to my work email account, so Outlook appears to be working ok. So is there some specific setting in Outlook which is preventing emails being delivered to my BT Email address from Gmail?

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Re: Emails not being received from Gmail when using Outlook

So, 6 hours after I posted this, the Gmail emails that were sent from Outlook have suddenly turned up! Maybe they were affected by bad weather like everything else round where I live tonight!

Very strange, because the Gmail emails sent via the Gmail web app arrived straight away,

I just can't explain why one method of sending should take so much longer than the other.

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