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Epic fail with "resolution" for intermittent broadband fault resulting in complete loss of service

On 4th May we started having a broadband issue, with the connection dropping every few minutes. A line test by BT showed a fault somewhere outside our property, so a fault was acknowledged and raised, with an estimated fix date of 7th May. There was an associated warning that "You may also experience problems with other services such as your Landline whilst we fix your fault" - that was an understatement. On the 4th and 5th there was intermittent loss of signal, and when the landline was working, it was very noisy. For the last two days there has been no landline signal at all. I contacted BT via chat on 7th May to request an update on the fault status, apparently there had been a fix by "the supplier" - I presume this is Openreach - but I had not received any update. An engineer has been booked to come out on Monday morning, but I am concerned that this will just a case of them sticking some test equipment in the master socket. I have done this with a handset and there is no signal. I have no confidence that the fault will be fixed on Monday, which they are estimating. I have a Halo minihub as a result of upgrading when we had a significant broadband service outage last year so working from home has not been affected too much, but this is not really a substitute for normal service. I think this is incredibly poor.

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Re: Epic fail with "resolution" for intermittent broadband fault resulting in complete los

There is no reason to suspect your problem won’t be fixed by Monday,  but a fault reported on Tuesday 4th May , so the day of the report doesn’t count , and given a usual 2-3 working day ‘fix’ , weekends don’t count , so if it is fixed on Monday 10th , you will have had no service for 3 working days , frustrating yes, but epic fail ?, you effectively pay 32p a day for the ‘line’ rental, the compensation should it not be fixed in the contractual timescale would be way more than 32p per day.

Im  not sure what sort of emergency response you expect for that type of outlay.

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Re: Epic fail with "resolution" for intermittent broadband fault resulting in complete los

I wasn't expecting an emergency response, but I also wasn't expecting to have complete loss of landline and broadband when they said it was fixed.

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