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Equipment dispatch confusion


Hopefully someone can help me understand what’s going on with my order.

I completed a new order for broadband and the activation date is scheduled for tomorrow (17/11).

The equipment dispatch date was showing as planned for today (16/11) for delivery tomorrow (17/11).

The equipment dispatch date changed at 3pm today to show dispatch planned for tomorrow (17/11) with a delivery date also of 17/11. Is this likely to be an error? I don’t want to hang about in the house awaiting a delivery which will not be arriving.

I asked the same question of customer service, but all they did was read back to me what I could already see. They couldn’t tell me if  this is an error, or if BT have some sort of same day delivery (which I expect is unlikely). Any thoughts appreciated 

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Re: Equipment dispatch confusion

Have a look at and you should see a link to ParcelForce who deliver the equipment, unless it's a hub on its own, which is delivered by Royal Mail.

If it's just a new hub you're receiving you don't need to be at home, it's designed to fit through a standard sized letterbox.

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Re: Equipment dispatch confusion

Thanks for the reply- the link you shared is where I originally spotted the odd dates, which prompted my call to customer service. There are no tracking links showing for parcelforce or Royal Mail. 

At the end of this post, I have included a copy of what I can see in case that adds any value. Dispatch and delivery dates are both showing as tomorrow.


Wed 17 Nov 2021
Equipment delivery
Dispatch date:  -
Estimated delivery date:  17 Nov 2021
Your equipment is waiting to be dispatched and once it has been dispatched we will update you. We are working to deliver your items by the estimated delivery date.
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Re: Equipment dispatch confusion

Once dispatched it will update to show delivery date, looks like it's at the warehouse ready to go.

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