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Error 553

I've just started getting the Error 553 message. Nothing has changed on myside but suddenly this error appears and I have some pretty urgent stuff to attend to today.

  • I am not using a VPN.
  • On my phone, the emails appear to send  - ie they do not sit in the outbox but they are not being received
  • One the webmail service, I get the error message.
  • It does not work whether I try to reply to a message or compose a new message or with or without attachments,

There is no way for me to lodge a complaint, speak to anyone, get any resolution. The timing could not be worse and it seems impossible to get any assistance from BT on this.

Thanks for any help available.


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Re: Error 553

I should add that I have read through all of the other threads and tried to sort it out by calling BT. I do pay for Premium Mail and I am abroad at the moment. I've had no notification of any issues with my account and BT is happily taking my money!


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